Pokemon Go Removing Some Pandemic Bonuses

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic is making some changes to the game’s bonuses. As detailed on the official Pokemon Go blog, Niantic will be rolling back and tweaking some of the in-game bonuses it introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s introducing some new ones in their place.

After Pokemon Go Fest 2021 in late July, Niantic plans to remove or change some of the temporary bonuses it implemented last year to make the game easier to play from home amid lockdown restrictions. First, Incense will only have increased effectiveness while you’re moving; it will no longer attract more Pokemon while you’re stationary. Additionally, Buddy Pokemon will no longer find gifts as frequently as before, and Niantic is reverting the distance from which you can interact with Gyms and PokeStops “when it makes sense in different places.”

Not all of the temporary pandemic bonuses are being rolled back, however. Niantic confirmed that Incenses will continue to last for 60 minutes, and there will not be a walking requirement to participate in the Go Battle League. On top of that, you’ll still receive triple Stardust and XP for the first Pokemon you catch each day, and you’ll be able to open up to 30 gifts from friends daily.

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