Pokkén Tournament’s pro controller can’t be used by player 1 in local multiplayer

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Nintendo are offering players the chance to pick up a pro controller alongside their purchases of Pokkén Tournament – the controller which operates the arcade version in Japan.

However, there’s some bad news. When fighting in local multiplayer, only player 2 will be able to use the pro controller; player 1 must always use the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo haven’t really explained the logistics behind this, but it gets worse. The controller will also be a Pokkén Tournament exclusive, meaning it can’t be used with any other games.

Nintendo have yet to confirm whether the pro controller can be used by player 1 in online multiplayer. We’ll keep you updated when they announce such.

Pokkén Tournament is due for release on March 18 on Wii U.

Source: God is Geek