PS4 Firmware Update Keeps Consoles From Being Potentially Bricked

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Reports circulated earlier this year of a looming threat to PlayStation 4 consoles, one involving the console’s internal clock battery that, if left unchecked, had the potential to essentially brick millions of PS4s. That issue looks to have now been fixed, thanks to PS4 firmware update 9.0.

The issue stemmed from the console’s internal clock being tied to playing games and unlocking trophies. When playing a game, the PS4 checks the internal clock to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with, before allowing the game to be played. This is done to prevent players from changing dates to make it look as if trophies were unlocked earlier than they actually were.

However, if the CMOS battery powering the clock dies and the PS4 isn’t connected to the internet, the PS4 console has no way to check that internal clock, and the result makes it so the console is unable to play games whatsoever.

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