PS5 Is The UK's Fastest-Selling Console Ever As GTA 5 Tops The Sales Charts For August

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The PlayStation 5 has now sold more than 1 million units in the UK, surpassing the PlayStation 4’s initial sales pace to become the fastest-selling console in the history of the UK.

This is according to the stat-tracking service GfK (via GI.biz). The PS5 reached 1 million units sold in the UK after 39 weeks, while the PS4 needed 42 weeks to reach that sales number. The PS4 was selling more units than the PS5 in the UK until July, which is when more PS5 stock arrived.

Globally, the PS5 has sold more than 10 million units by Sony’s latest count. Specific sales numbers for other parts of the world have not been announced like they have for the UK.

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