Psychonauts 2 PSI King's Sensorium Collectibles Guide

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The psychedelic music festival that is PSI King’s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2 is a huge location, with multiple smaller sections within a larger map. It’s big and involved, and requires you to drive around a campground to locate PSI King’s five senses to get the band back together. Scattered throughout its many locations are a ton of Figments, emotional baggage, Nuggets of Wisdom, and more. Here’s a full rundown of everything you can find in the level to increase your intern rank inside the PSI King’s mind.

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PSI King’s Sensorium Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffel Bag, Suitcase, Purse, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Half-A-Minds: 4
  • Figments: 263

Suitcase Emotional Baggage: You’ll first find yourself in a backstage area, with PSI King looking to put his band back together to get back on stage. Go beneath from the back and you’ll find the Suitcase.

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