Psyonix outline Rocket League’s forthcoming Rocket Pass system – Need boost

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There’s a new progression system coming to Rocket League later this summer and it’s called the Rocket Pass.

This new system will not replace the existing XP based progression system, and will come in free and premium flavours. The free pass will include customisation items, player banners, titles and even decryptors, an even if you opt for the free pass you will be able to upgrade to the premium one any time you want.

If the free pass seems a little spartan to you, you can opt to pay out for the premium pass for the equivalent of ten crate keys (£7.99). In this pass you’ll get access to new cars, crate keys, premium player banners and titles. You’ll also get access to XP boosts and XP awards enabling faster progression for the duration of the rocket pass. If you’re still unsure if it’s right for you, you’ll be able to check out the available items before you upgrade.

If you level up while the rocket pass is active you’ll obtain a ‘pass tier’, the more tiers you earn the more rewards you’ll unlock from the pass. If you don’t fancy playing to earn those tiers you can purchase them outright using purchased keys. Premium pass holders will be able to earn pro-tiers after exhausting the regular ones, in these you’ll be able to obtain painted or certified versions of items earned from the original tiers.

Rocket passes will be available across all the platforms Rocket League is available on and Psyonix believe that a rocket pass will take 100 hours to complete.

Source: God is Geek