PUBG Adds Team Deathmatch; See The Trailer And Full Patch Notes Here

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Team Deathmatch is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with update 6.2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Classic multiplayer mode is part of a new Arcade feature that takes PUBG’s gunplay and introduces it to new game types other than the usual battle royale mode.

Team Deathmatch will see 8v8 fights added to the mix, with firefights taking place across seven different battlefields pulled from four of PUBG’s current maps. Each one aims to provide a different Team Deathmatch experience, whether that encompasses long-range shootouts, close-quarters combat, or something else entirely.

While the usual PUBG play session involves scavenging for firearms, bullets, and so on, Team Deathmatch introduces Spawn Kits that give you different sets of equipment and weapons to choose from as a loadout. There are eight to pick from, revolving around guns like the DMR, SMG, and shotgun. You can also change your Spawn Kit during games and have the changes reflected when you respawn, just in case something isn’t working or you need a new strategy.

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