PUBG's 12.1 Patch Notes Detail Miramar Remaster; Devs Tease New Maps With Respawning

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PUBG’s gone through a lot of changes since its initial release more than four years ago, and that means that some of its older maps are showing their age. In the game’s latest patch, Update 12.1, developer Krafton is rolling out a complete remaster of the big desert map Miramar.

The patch, which is now live on test servers, significantly improves the fidelity of all parts of the Miramar map in order to bring it up to the same level as the other maps. The studio is also modifying the environment alongside the fidelity upgrades for the purpose of providing an “overall smoother experience, with reduced object clutter, less troublesome coastlines, adjusted cover across the map, and more,” according to the patch notes.

Most of the map should remain familiar to veteran PUBG players. On the visual side, the developer has given a fresh coat of paint to buildings, objects, cliffs, and foliage, and it’s updated the map’s lighting. On the terrain and geometry side, one of the most noticeable changes is the addition of new cliffs to better indicate steep slopes. In addition, smaller, superfluous objects have been reduced throughout urban areas to make navigation easier. Check out some before-and-after shots in the video above.

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