Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1.3 Patch Notes: Buffs Tachanka, Removes Tactical Realism

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S1.3 patch is live on all platforms, and the update brings some small but significant changes to the game. The patch’s largest changes are focused at Tachanka, and they buff his Shumikha Launcher in almost every possible way, including increased magazine capacity, increased explosion radius, and decreased detonation time.

Jackal and Jager both receive minor nerfs, with the C7E and the 416-C weapons holding a few less bullets in their magazine than before. Ace and Thermite get slight kit changes, with the former’s smoke grenades replaced with claymore mines, and the latter’s claymore changed to smoke grenades.

The patch also removes the Tactical Realism playlist type from the game entirely. Similar to Call of Duty’s Hardcore modes, Tactical Realism removed much of the game’s HUD and disabled enemy marking. The style has been replaced with an “interface preferences” option that allows players to enable and disable HUD parameters as they desire. The patch also changes how ranked match cancellation works. Now, players can only cancel a match during the prep phase of the first round, with abstentions counting as no votes. Ties will result in a cancelled game.

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