Red Dead Online Offers Big Rewards For Free Roam Adventures In This Week's Update

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The latest update for Red Dead Online has arrived, and this week will see big cash rewards handed out to players who engage in exploration and free roam missions. Developer Rockstar Games detailed all of this week’s updates and more in a new blog post that you can read highlights of below.

Bonuses for hunting legendary animals this week

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Hunting down and skinning any Legendary animal this week from free roam or the Sighting mission will earn players 100 rounds of Nitro Express ammo for the Elephant rifle, and weight management tonics. Bringing the carcass of the prey to Gus’ Store will also see players rewarded with two fast travel rewards and a Snowy Egret Plume. On top of that, crafted trinkets and coats will result in a 40% discount off of an established or distinguished Naturalist item in stock.

Hunter and Naturalist players also receive a reward for 1,000 Naturalist XP and 5 Animal Revivers as further incentive, and Harriet Davenport’s store will reduce the price of the Naturalist’s sample kit by five gold bars for the next week.

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