Red Dead Online's Latest Weekly Update Adds A New Legendary Bounty

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This week’s Red Dead Online update, the now standalone online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, includes a new Legendary Bounty for those who own the newly available Prestigious Bounty Hunter licence. There are also new bonuses and benefits, and a number of new discounts.

Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez, the recently installed head of the Dos Lobos gang, is this week’s Legendary bounty target. Montez and her posse have claimed responsibility for a string of gruesome highway robberies, with their hideout situated in West Elizabeth at the Hanging Dog Ranch. Those with the Prestigious Bounty Hunter licence can pick up Montez’s wanted poster at any sheriff’s office to begin the pursuit. Revisiting the bounty board again after a brief period will give you the option to replay the mission at a higher difficulty.

All bounties are currently paying out 50% extra, including the new three-part Infamous Bounties. All Bounty Hunters can also get 30% off a horse of their choosing this week, while those who take down Montez and complete the Legendary Bounty will get an additional 30% off a weapon of their choice.

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