Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days now available on Steam – Stuck in the middle

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Big Star Games’ shoot em up Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is released today, and sees you rewinding time to play with yourself.

The central mechanic to Bloody Days has you taking control of one of the game’s characters at a time and carving a path through a portion of the level’s enemies, you then need to rewind time to control a different character , while the first characters movements are played out by what you did on the first turn through.

You’ll need to use this mechanic to your advantage by using the recorded character to lay down cover fire while you use another character to steal the loot littered around across eighteen levels.

The game hits Steam today in a partnership with film company Lionsgate, and currently has a 10% off offer until May 25. A console release planned for later this year.

Source: God is Geek