Respawn has announced a new “Live Fire” mode for Titanfall 2 – Fight fire with Live Fire.

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In a blog post, Respawn have revealed whats coming next for Titanfall 2, starting with a new fast-paced, close quarters mode called Live Fire.

Live Fire will be a 6v6 Pilot only mode where players will have only a minute to eliminate the other team or to grab the flag and hold it until time runs out. Two new maps are also being designed specifically for Live Fire that will be “tight, enclosed death boxes”.

Alongside Live Fire, a new Coliseum map called Columns is also in the works as well as new commander intros and a new Pilot execution. Respawn are also aiming to improve the Titanfall 2 interface by allowing players to create their own “mixtapes” that include only the game modes they want to play.

No launch dates have yet been given for these additions to the game but Respawn have also said they plan to reveal their content roadmap shortly.

Source: God is Geek