Respawn Takes "Huge Steps" In Fighting Apex Legends DDoS Cheaters

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Respawn Entertainment’s head of security for Apex Legends recently said that the company is taking “huge steps” to deal with the ongoing wave of DDoS cheaters in the game’s community. Security lead Conor “Hideouts” Ford said in a tweet that 31 DDoS abusers were shadowbanned on June 1 as part of a crackdown against cheaters.

If you aren’t familiar, DDoS stands for “distributed denial of service.” Essentially, these players are overwhelming the game servers with requests in order to give themselves a competitive advantage. Players have been complaining about the issue since at least March, and while Respawn has banned many players for the practice, it seems that a more permanent solution is needed. We don’t exactly know what Ford is referring to in the below tweet, but let’s hope that it deals with the issue.

Respawn recently announced that there will be a “dry spell” of content for most of June, with a large update coming later in the month. A recent patch nerfed the game’s new character Valkyrie after clever players discovered that you could exploit her flying abilities in order to reduce her fuel consumption to a fraction of the usual rate. Additionally, players recently discovered that Wattson’s fences were not applying their intended slow effect due to a bug, and that was fixed by a recent patch as well.

Source: Game Spot Mashup