Returnal Dev Will Make "Bigger And More Ambitious" Games After Sony Buyout

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Returnal developer Housemarque has been acquired by Sony and will become a first-party PlayStation studio going forward. Co-founder Ilari Kuittinen shared some insight into the deal in an interview with GQ, saying the acquisition will allow the team to make bigger and more ambitious titles in the future.

You should not expect Housemarque’s next game to release anytime soon, as Kuittinen said the team is taking a step back and catching its breath after putting out Returnal earlier this year. “In general, we are taking a break. People are having their vacations now here in Finland. Some are taking last year’s vacations as well. So I guess that’s first and then we can start thinking about the future,” Kuittinen said.

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Kuittinen went on to say that Returnal was “kind of a stepping stone” for the developer. For future games, you can expect them to be “even bigger and even more ambitious.”

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