Returnal Makes Use Of PS5's SSD For A Less-Frustrating Rogue-Like

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Finnish developer Housemarque has been one of PlayStation’s most reliable partners over the years, with exclusives like Resogun and Dead Nation offering best-in-class arcade-style shooting. The studio stopped developing arcade shooters a few years ago in favor of larger-scale projects, but its PS5 game Returnal hasn’t abandoned its roots. Now, we have more information on how it will make use of the console’s features to enhance its gameplay.

As explained in PlayStation Official Magazine, the PS5’s extremely fast NVMe SSD enables players to respawn nearly immediately after getting killed. Because it’s a rogue-lite game that emphasizes repeated runs as you enhance certain abilities and try to progress further, this is should mitigate the frustration we often see in the genre.

Additionally, the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers are used for quickly switching between firing modes on the game’s weapons. Given the frenetic pace of the action in most Housemarque games, it should help to keep things manageable. We’re also seeing a similar alternate-mode firing feature in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart later this year.

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