Revelation Online Launches First Contact Expansion This Month – Revelatory

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MMORPG Revelation Online is getting a major update for free this month, with First Contact. The expansion is suitably named, as it brings a new cross-server feature, bringing players from different servers together in battle.

As well as a cross-server auction house, a raft of new modes will be introduced, such as:

1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 Arenas that will see players simply battling it out for fame and powerful equipment rewards.

10v10: Darkwood Vale in which players will participate in a series of tasks, in an arena split into two fields; one for each team. Each team will have two bosses to aid them, but will also have to keep them safe from the opposing team.

Other modes include a 20v20 conquest-style mode and a 30v30 mode in which each team has to destroy the other team’s Dragon Orb, atop their Ancestral Dragon Spire. First Contact will also add full French and German languages, for those countries to enjoy the game in their native language.

You can download the Revelation Online: First Contact update later this month.

Source: God is Geek