RE:Verse Is A New Resident Evil Multiplayer Game

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Capcom has announced RE:Verse, a new multiplayer experience set in the Resident Evil universe. The game features multiple heroes and villains from across the survival horror series coming together in a deathmatch scenario. Naturally, there’s the added threat of zombies wandering around and also felled players returning from the dead.

Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda appeared during the Resident Evil Showcase to explain that RE:Verse is one of the ways that Capcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil this year as the game is “showcasing so many of the characters that fans love.”

The RE:Verse showcase began with Leon and Claire facing off in a standoff situation, but other recognizable figures from the series are quickly introduced. Jill appears, engaging in combat with Leon and Claire, and someone is shown dying but then returning as a zombie, suggesting that players will have a second shot at taking others down. The action takes place from a third-person perspective, rather than first-person.

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