Review Roundup For Mario Golf: Super Rush — What The Critics Are Saying

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Mario Golf: Super Rush comes out on June 25, which has led a lot of Switch owners to wonder if it’s worth picking up. So far, it seems that Super Rush has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics, though it’s not quite as acclaimed as other entries in the series, particularly the N64 original.

Super Rush is the first Mario Golf game in seven years, following the 3DS entry World Tour, so Nintendo fans have been waiting a while for this one. Generally, critics have praised the sports game’s creative course design and action-packed new modes, while faulting its lack of content and less-than-functional motion controls.

In GameSpot’s 7/10 Mario Golf: Super Rush review, critic Steven Petite complimented the chaotic fun of its off-the-wall powerups, as well as its colorful levels. However, he noted that the game only features six courses at launch, and he described the core single-player Golf Adventure mode as underwhelming and disjointed.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup