Rick And Morty Babies Trailer Released As April Fools Pranks By Adult Swim

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Hapless time-travellers Rick & Morty have been turned into babies as part of an April Fools’ Day joke from Adult Swim. The network has reworked the opening titles of the hit animated show for younger viewers.

For one day only, Adult Swim has rebranded itself as a kid-friendly version of the network titled Adult Swim Junior, and delivered the opening credits for the new show Rick & Morty Babies. And they went further than just a spoof credit sequence–they had an entire episode redubbed with kids’ voices. Check out Rick & Morty Babies opening sequence below:

The redubbed episode was “Total Rickall,” which is Episode 4 of Season 2. According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode was screened at midnight and included such changes as Mr. Poopy Butthole becoming Mr. Poopy Butt Butt.

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