Risk Of Rain 2 Patch Notes: PC Update Adds New Artifacts System

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The team behind the roguelite shooter Risk of Rain 2 has released a major new update for the game. This patch introduces the “Artifacts” system from the original Risk of Rain to its sequel, rare items that modify play significantly. For example, in the original Risk of Rain, the Artifact of Honor caused only elite enemies to spawn. According to the patch notes, the developers expect these artifacts to radically increase the game’s replayability.

The update also overhauls the game’s UI and fixes a bundle of bugs, including some unfortunate late-game crashes. The team also overhauled some of the game’s playable characters by introducing new variant skills and skins. The patch is currently live only on PC–according to the notes, it will be coming to consoles in the near future.

This new patch follows the game’s last major content update, which caught up the console versions to the PC update that rolled out in December. That patch added the melee-focused character Acrid, as well as some new biomes, enemies, and loot.

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