Riz Ahmed Explains Why Turned Down Big Money To Make Sound Of Metal

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After starring in the box office smashes Rogue One and Venom, actor Riz Ahmed had a choice to make: continue to pursue big commercial projects and make a lot of money or try something else. He chose the latter and went on to star in Sound of Metal, and now he’s explained some of his thinking and why it was ultimately the right decision for him and his career.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ahmed said he had a strong gut feeling about Sound of Metal, in which he plays a drummer who begins to lose his hearing.

“‘Why are you doing this when you could go off and get paid, finally?'” Ahmed recalled about his thought process. “There was an opportunity to do bigger, more commercial projects and make money and buy a home and all these things. But I thought, ‘Here’s your chance.’ My gut feeling about it was so strong. And for whatever reason, I felt really hungry for something like that, to go all in and just fucking go there.”

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