Rocket League Brings Back Limited-Time Modes For The Month Of May

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Developer Psyonix has announced that some of Rocket League‘s more-recent limited-time modes, such as Beach Ball and Heatseeker, will return in a month-long event on all platforms starting this May.

The car soccer game will hold a Modes of May event, a special month-long showcase that kicks off on Friday, May 1 with Dropshot Rumble. The LTE, which runs from May 1-4, combines “the action of Dropshot enhanced by the zany power-ups from Rumble.” Modes of May will swap the modes each weekend in the month.

Beach Ball, an LTE where two teams of two contend with a ball that curves and floats around the field, comes back on May 7. May 14 will see Boomer Ball return, though Psyonix said “more [information] on that [mode]” will be revealed as we get closer to the date. Finally, wrapping up Modes of May is Heatseeker on May 21, a fast-paced 3v3 mode where the ball functions as a homing missile and gains speed after every touch.

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