Rocket League Dev Reveals Paid Loot Box Replacement

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After promising to remove paid loot boxes from Rocket League in August, developer Psyonix has revealed what will replace the contentious mechanic. The change and additional alterations are slated to take place this December.

Psyonix announced that Blueprints will replace Crates. Blueprints with varying rarities–like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions–will have a chance to drop after completing matches. To create them you will need Credits, Rocket League’s new premium currency that can be used on Rocket Pass Premium upgrades and purchases from the new rotating Item Shop. Further, the Item Shop will feature a plethora of content including new items, legacy Crates, and more. All Item Shop purchases are locked to your account, however, and cannot be traded.

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Crates aren’t the only mechanic getting replaced. Credits will replace Keys, with all Keys getting converted into Credits. Psyonix did not quantify the conversation rate. Further, all remaining Crates will be converted into Blueprints. Finally, Psyonix explained that using paid content with the current Trade-In system will be disabled. This means any items you obtain from these new changes cannot be traded in for something else, but any free post-game items can be traded. Psyonix will implement a new inventory management system when all of these updates go live in December.

Psyonix also revealed that today is Rocket League’s final Crate. The Vindicator Crate will include the new Sentinel Battle-Car, which can be viewed below, and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup