Rocket League–Owners Of Unsupported Mac And Linux Versions Can Get A Refund Through Steam

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Early this month, Rocket League players on Linux and Mac were given the news that their versions of the game would no longer be supported for online play. These players, who are said to make up less than 1% of the game’s total player population, will not be able to play the game online anymore after an update in March.

Thankfully, affected players are now being offered refunds for their purchase of the game. In a post on Reddit, a team member from developer Psyonix has outlined the process involved, and it’s pretty straightforward.

While owners were initially encouraged to contact Psyonix directly, this turned out not to be the best way to handle the situation, and the team has worked with Valve to make the refund process easier.

Here are the steps necessary for Linux and Mac users to claim their refund:

  • Go to the Steam Support website
  • Select Purchases
  • Select Rocket League (you may need to select “View complete purchasing history” to see it)
  • Select I would like a refund, then I’d like to request a refund
  • From the Reason dropdown menu, select My issue isn’t listed
  • In notes, write “Please refund my Mac/Linux version of Rocket League, Psyonix will be discontinuing support”

Rocket League has undergone some major changes recently. In late 2019, it dropped loot boxes in favor of a new “key” system, and had to change its pricing model on this new system after significant backlash.

Source: Game Spot Mashup