Rocket League's March Update Hits Today, Check Out The Changes

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Rocket League is getting a small free update on March 10 across all platforms. The patch will allow users to trade in stacks of Blueprints to get ones of higher rarity, as well as introducing tweaks to the inventory filters system, which should make sorting your accumulated loot just a little easier.

The patch also changes the default settings for newcomers to Rocket League, moving the camera a bit further back and reducing the intensity of the shake for many actions, as well as changing the deadzone values a bit. If you prefer the original settings, don’t worry, you can access them via the “Legacy” camera preset.

This is also the final update for the Mac and Linux versions of Rocket League. Copies purchased will work on Windows 7 or newer, provided you download the Windows version, but the Mac and Linux editions of the game will lose the majority of their functionality, including online play. Customers can request a refund through Steam until June 10, 2020. This change comes due to low player-counts on those versions of the game, according to developer Psyonix, but the decision has caused some controversy within the Rocket League community.

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