Rocket League's NFL DLC And Football-Themed Mode Return To Celebrate The Draft

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Rocket League’s National Football League DLC and limited-timed mode have been brought back to the soccer-with-cars game to celebrate the ongoing NFL Draft.

This includes the NFL Fan Pack and the Gridiron limited-time mode, both of which are available in the game now. Additionally, there are brand-new NFL-themed items available to unlock by completing new challenges. Double XP is also available all weekend.

The Gridiron mode is a 4v4 mode where the ball is replaced by an NFL football. When you come into contact with the football, it attaches to the roof, simulating a ball-carrier in the NFL. The Fan Pack, meanwhile, is a store bundle that comes with decals for all 32 NFL teams. It’s not exactly clear, however, what the brand-new NFL items are.

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