Rocksmith+ Delayed To 2022, As Ubisoft Details Feedback From The Beta

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Ubisoft’s new guitar game, Rocksmith+, has been delayed to next year. The publisher has confirmed that the game will now launch at some undetermined point in 2022.

“We’ve mapped out the work we’d like to prioritize following your feedback and decided to push the release of Rocksmith+ to 2022,” Ubisoft said in a blog post. “We understand that this delay is disappointing. Our decision stems from a commitment to quality first, and a desire to meet the high expectations of our community and ourselves. Every Rocksmith+ player deserves to easily find the music you care about, to feel a sense of growth and mastery over your instrument, and to trust that the notes you play are heard fairly and accurately.”

Rocksmith+ is designed as a live service game that gets new updates constantly, and this requires the studio to “think long term,” Ubisoft said. The studio said it is mindful of the work-life balance for its employees, too. “A healthy team means a healthy product built to last for many years to come. Thank you all for your patience and for your understanding while we put in the extra time,” Ubisoft said.

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