Rockstar just announced some updated for GTA Online and the character transfer deadline – Transfer away

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Rockstar Games just announced some milestones for GTA Online along with other updates.

In 2016, GTA Online saw the largest engagement in any month in December. On PS4, Xbox One, and PC, there have been 11 million CEO organizations established, 13 million stunt taces played, and 24 million motorcycle clubs founded just in December. There’s a double GTA$ and RP event on from now until February 13 with more discountes across the board.

50% off Executive Offices
25% off Vehicle Warehouses
Ammu-Nation: 25% off all Pistols, Sniper Rifles and light Machine Guns
Warstock Cache & Carry: 25% off the Turreted Limo, Buzzard attack chopper and Cargobob
Legendary Motorsport: 25% off the Pegassi Osiris supercar
Benny’s Original Motor Works: 25% off the Principe Diabolus motorcycle and off Vehicle Cosmetic Modifications (Liveries, Tires, Wheels, Bobbleheads, Spoilers, Trims and more)
Los Santos Customs: 50% off all Vehicle Armor, Bullet Proof Tires and 25% off Vehicle Cosmetic Modifications (Wheels, Tires, Lights, Plates, Hoods, Tints, Resprays and more)

If you’re still playing on PS3 or Xbox 360, your deadline to transfer your character to current generation is nearing. The deadline is March 6.

They will be sharing more details on GTA Online’s plans for 2017 soon.

GTA Online is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC through GTA V.

Source: God is Geek