Rockstar Teases GTA Online's New Heist And Location

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Heists are one of the major highlights of Grand Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer mode, GTA Online, but given their scale, it’s not often that new ones are introduced. The first video teaser for what appears to be the game’s next heist has now been released, and it may reveal a new location coming to the game.

The video below was shared on Twitter, and while brief, it does offer some tantalizing teases. It refers to the “El Rubio dossier” and shows an unidentified corpse laying on the beach. There are also a series of images rapidly flashed on screen showing off fields, a guard tower, and some sort of elaborate compound.

Just when we’ll be seeing more of this new content is anyone’s guess, but Rockstar has been teasing some kind of new addition to the game’s Diamond Casino and Resort recently. Players have been warned about noise levels related to ongoing construction at the Diamond, although this new teaser video would suggest we’ll actually see an entirely new location added to the game.

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