Roku Removes YouTube TV From Store Over Search And Data Claims

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Roku has removed YouTube TV from its channel store. This follows Roku’s warning earlier this week that it would take YouTube’s streaming app down unless Google agreed to change aspects of its search functions and data use.

The two companies were negotiating a new contract, but have been unable to agree terms. Roku alleges that Google wants special treatment in Roku search results, as well as demanding extra access to Roku’s customer data and requesting new hardware requirements.

In a statement, Roku stated that it “always stand up for our users,” and that Google’s terms were unacceptable. “We cannot accept Google’s unfair and anticompetitive requirements that would allow for the manipulation of your search results, impact the usage of your data, and ultimately cost you more,” the company stated. “We remain committed to reaching a good-faith agreement with Google that preserves your access to YouTube TV, honors your desired search preferences, and protects your data.”

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