Run Sweetheart Run Review – And You Think You've Had Bad First Dates

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“I knew from the moment I saw you where you were going,” a creepy rideshare driver says as he pulls up to a mansion in Los Angeles and drops Cherie (Ella Balinska) off. We don’t know what’s happened at the mansion, or why he seems almost happy to be dropping a woman off there, but we know it must not be good. Cherie is here for a date with Ethan (Pilou Asbæk), a wealthy bachelor her boss set her up with. After a few pleasantries and a drink in the giant house filled with what looks like ancient Egyptian imagery, Ethan breaks the fourth wall, looks into the camera, and signals with a smirk for it to wait outside. We remain outside for almost a minute, hearing only the screams from inside. After the door opens again, all hell breaks loose.

Shana Feste‘s Run Sweetheart Run gives the survive-the-night horror film a new twist, but there’s also a thinly-veiled metaphor at the center of a shallow plot. Before being forced to run through the streets of LA alone at night, Cherie is looking forward to her first date in a while. Being a single working mother still trying to distance herself from her volatile ex, she needed some time off for herself, especially since her boss set her up with a wealthy bachelor she hopes will be a nice guy. Oh, and to make matters worse, Cherie is on her period, and her toddler flushed her last tampon down the toilet right before she headed out on her date.

By the time she leaves Ethan’s mansion, she’s bloodied, tired, and scared, but she’ll find little comfort on the streets, as the moment she calls the cops, they arrest her for public intoxication. Somehow, Ethan convinces the cops to release her, but not before intimidating her one last time with a threatening proposition: If she can survive until dawn, she’s free to go.

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