Russian District Court Has Banned Death Note And Other "Violent" Anime

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A Russian district court banned several anime series on Wednesday, including Death Note, Inuyashiki, and Tokyo Ghoul, over claims that Russian teens have been reenacting the violent scenes found in these series.

In a statement announcing the registration of five lawsuits against 49 websites, the St. Petersburg court system said: “Every episode contains cruelty, murder, violence.” State prosecutors also put Naruto, Interspecies Reviewers, Terror in Tokyo, and Elfen Lied forward to be banned this past December due to their violent content.

On Wednesday, St. Petersburg’s Kolpinksy district court ruled that Death Note and Inuyashiki would be banned from distribution on two websites, while Tokyo Ghoul has been banned from one. The court heard arguments to ban the other four anime, as well as the song “I Ate Grandpa” by Russian rapper Morgenstern, on Wednesday. The song was put on the chopping block because of its title, though no further argument was provided for why it should be banned.

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