Sakurai Explains How Sora Ended Up In Smash Bros.

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When Sora was introduced as the final playable fighter for the Switch’s Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans were amazed that such a collaboration had been able to happen between Nintendo, Disney, and Square Enix. Now, Smash Bros. creator Sakurai has explained in a Weekly Famitsu column how the deal was made, as reported by Kotaku.

“As I think some can imagine, the barriers for Sora entering the battle were quite high,” Sakurai acknowledged in his column. “Even though players’ expectations were great, I honestly thought it was impossible.”

The saga began with Sora becoming the most requested character in Smash Ultimate’s Fighter Ballot–which Nintendo didn’t reveal at the time, as the team thought it would be basically impossible to get the Kingdom Hearts character into Smash. The concept only started to look a little more likely after Sakurai met a Disney representative by chance at an awards night, who said they would like to see Sora join the battle.

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