Samurai Warriors 5's New Visuals Mixes Pop Art With Ancient Ink Paintings

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Samurai Warriors 5 is out in a few months, and much like every other game in the series that began in 2004 on the PS2, the trademark action of a lone soldier facing hordes of enemies is intact. What’s different this time though is the art direction, as Samurai Warriors 5 features a more visually dynamic art direction that incorporates aspects of Japanese ink paintings into its aesthetics.

“We had a lot of inspiration from Japanese ink paintings, one of the major styles of ink wash paintings, along with Japanese pop art which has received a lot of praise from around the world. We also took inspiration from a number of different games as well,” Samurai Warriors producer and Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma, explained in a PS Blog post.

“The first Samurai Warriors game was released on PS2, so having access to shading technology, which was becoming popularized at that time, was a big change for the visual style of the game. As a result, the photo-realistic style became more prevalent, along with more detailed cel-shading technology, along with 2D art styles which have become popularized in smartphone apps. Thanks to all of these tools and technological advances, we were able to take these styles into account when creating Samurai Warriors 5, and we decided to pursue a visual style that could only be done in this title.”

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