Sea Of Thieves Developer Worked Hard To Keep Pirates Of The Caribbean Crossover Secret

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The Sea of Thieves team at Rare had to really adjust its workflow in order to keep the new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed expansion, A Pirate’s Life, a secret. In an interview with, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate said that the team had to adjust its work processes to avoid any information leaking out about the crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

“We changed everything in terms of how we worked and shared information internally,” Neate said. “We send a team update each week. It’s just a PDF about what all the different teams are working on. We codenamed everything, and we didn’t include any imagery that was related to the IP in those.”

Sea of Thieves’ A Pirate’s Life update was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Gameshow case on June 13 and released today, a little over a week later. The announcement came as a surprise, without any notable leaks ahead of time. Neate said that Disney and Rare first discussed the crossover at E3 2019, where Disney approached them looking to do a crossover with the multiplayer pirate game, with Pirates of the Caribbean as the leading IP. Neate and the development team had to consider how a crossover would fit into the game, since Sea of Thieves itself drew influence from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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