Seth Rogen Plays A Man Who Spends 100 Years In A Pickle Vat In New HBO Max Trailer

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Over a month ago, streaming service HBO Max launched. And one of the upcoming original movies that caught people’s eye was the wild An American Pickle. Now, a trailer for the film has arrived, and yes, it’s just as weird as we thought.

Seth Rogen pulls double-duty in the movie, which will premiere on August 6. He plays both Herschel Greenbaum–a man who is stuck in a pickle vat for 100 years–and Herschel’s great-grandson, Ben. Check out the trailer below.

Based on a novella from Simon Rich, the Brandon Trost-directed film follows Herschel, who immigrates to American in 1920. He wants a better life for his family, and one day while working at a pickle factory, he falls into a vat and is brined for 100 years. He is discovered in 2020, and the brine has somehow preserved him perfectly. He connects with his only surviving relative, Ben, and wants to start a business with him.

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