Skyrim May Be Coming To A Bed Or Window Near You According To New Trademark Applications

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Seemingly tired of porting Skyrim to gaming consoles, like any other tired developer, Todd Howard is taking the wired approach by potentially bringing the game to the pillowcases, baby blankets, and towels in your home. A series of new trademark applications filed by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media shows that the company is prepared to stamp any textile it can with “Skyrim,” although we’ll have to wait and see if any actually hit the market.

The trademark applications, filed on September 6, include the aforementioned household products as well as some out-there ones. Nothing screams “Skyrim fan” like Skyrim-themed curtains, blankets, banners, and flags. While trademark applications filed for products don’t always mean they’ll end up being produced, if everything listed ends up on store shelves Skyrim fans will be able to effectively cover the inside of their home in the game’s name. It’s also worth noting that these are trademark applications that haven’t been accepted yet.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that ZeniMax is filing more trademarks for Skyrim merchandise almost 10 years after the game originally launched. Another re-release of Skyrim, the game’s Anniversary Edition, is coming out on November 11, Skyrim’s 10th birthday.

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