Someone Made A Real Life Apex Legends Loot Tick

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A die-hard Apex Legends fan with a penchant for robotics and 3D printing has made a replica of the game’s Loot Tick robot. Of course, it’d be boring if the thing just stood there. The replica can scuttle across surfaces with its spider-legs and even lights up and rotates as if it were about to pop out a high-tier drop.

The replica is YouTuber Graham Watson‘s first attempt at designing, building, and programming a robot, and the result is admittedly impressive. A 40-minute long video on the channel shows the YouTuber going through every stage of the robot’s assembly, including programming, building its legs, and collecting audio samples.

However, while they were getting sounds for the Loot Tick, Watson noticed a small detail in the intervals between each beep or tweet coming from the robot in-game. Upon initially recording the Loot Tick, it would chirp every three seconds or so, but after one of the game’s rings started to close, that interval grew to nearly four and a half seconds. At the moment, Watson’s theory for this change is that fewer sounds from Loot Ticks will make them harder to discover as matches go on. Of course, this would give players less access to powerful items for free, forcing them into combat encounters.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup