Sony Will Continue To Release New Games Directly To PS Plus

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Sony’s PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says that the company plans to publish more games directly to PS Plus. Sony has previously released several notable games directly to PlayStation Plus subscribers, specifically the vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars and the monster-catching game Bugsnax.

In an interview with GQ, Ryan said that the company feels that releasing directly to PS Plus is a “very interesting and innovative way to publish games.” Ryan continued: “It works for us as the publisher and we know the subscribers to PlayStation Plus love it.”

PS Plus subscribers have been able to claim a certain number of free games every month since the PS4 days. In the same interview, the GQ interviewer cited Sony’s own statistics that state that 87% of people with a PS5 are subscribed to PS Plus. February’s free PS Plus games were the aforementioned Destruction AllStars, Concrete Genie, and Control: Ultimate Edition. Increasingly, the free PS Plus games have featured PS5 exclusives such as Destruction AllStars and Control, but Concrete Genie is also available on PS4.

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