Space Lizard Studio unveils Paper Cut Mansion, a horror papercraft puzzle game – It's like a whirlwind inside of my head

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Space Lizard Studio just revealed Paper Cut Mansion.

Paper Cut Mansion is a papercraft puzzler horror game. It is set in a cardboard universe where you solve riddles and unravel secrets to escape. Watch the announcement trailer below:

Gabriele Caruso of Space Lizard Studio commented:

“My colleagues and I were in a transition phase after launching our previous game Dragon Bros for Xbox One, and during that time I was moving home and was surrounded by cardboard boxes. The emptiness of the new house, and being surrounded by cardboard boxes, made me think that being alone with them was one of the most terrifying things. It was like a maze. This is how we came up with the concept, the fear of the darkness of the unknown in a cardboardish atmosphere.”

Paper Cut Mansion is in development and the team will have a crowdfunding campaign later on to add more to the game.

Source: God is Geek