Spiral's Latest Weekend At The Box Office Made Saw A Billion-Dollar Film Franchise

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The past weekend at the US box office was a quiet one with no major new releases, but it was notable for helping one film franchise achieve a new milestone. Spiral, the latest entry in the gory Saw series, had a firm second week in the number one spot and helped push the R-rated franchise past the $1 billion global box office milestone.

Spiral earned $4.6 million in its second weekend in the US, with its combined worldwide box office receipts currently sitting at $22.5 million. In second place was the latest Jason Statham action film Wrath of Man, which saw $2.9 million in ticket sales from 3,007 theaters. The film has done remarkable business overseas though, having made $52.2 million internationally and currently has a global gross of $71 million.

In terms of horror box office numbers, the Saw franchise ranks in fifth, way ahead of icons such as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’ll still need a few extra sequels to catch up with the current king which has made over $1.9 billion at cinemas so far, The Conjuring frachise.

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