Splatoon 2's Mario-Themed Splatfest Dates Announced

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Splatoon 2’s next Splatfest, which is a part of Nintendo’s special celebration of Mario’s 35 anniversary, is coming in early 2021. The Mushroom vs. Superstar Splatfest kicks off on January 15 and runs for two full days.

The Splatfest will start at 2 PM PT/ 5 PM ET on January 15 and will run until that same time on January 17. The Splatfest is global, so it’s going to start and end at the same time in all regions. Nintendo announced the news earlier this week on its official Japanese Splatoon 2 Twitter account.

This Splatfest announcement came alongside the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars back in September. Nintendo is also releasing special Nintendo items and hosting special in-game events in other games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well to celebrate Mario’s 35 anniversary.

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