Spotify launch mental health podcasts with ‘Killing It’ – Well worth a listen

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Available on Spotify now is the first episode of the ‘Killing it’ a podcast series focusing on people who deal with mental health issues.

The reason why the series is called Killing It is because the people in focus have succeeded in their careers while having to deal with their demons. The series will be helmed by Aleks Krotoski (from Radio 4’s Aleks in Wonderland) and will feature therapist Petra Velzeboer and James Routledge (founder of mental health gym Sanctus).

The first in the series has Alex Depledge ( and sharing her story of how she coped with burnout and depression and how she now tackles signs of trouble in herself and her employees and future episodes of the six-part series will talk to Moshi Monsters creator Michael Acton-Smith OBE, Nafisa Bakkar – CEO of Amaliah (a website dedicated to Muslim women) and Tom Foster-Carter of Monzo Bank.

You can listen to it here.

Source: God is Geek