Stadia Games Can Now Be Streamed Straight To Xbox Consoles

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Xbox consoles house another platform today thanks to a new version of Microsoft Edge added in this month’s Xbox update. Starting today, Xbox users can access the latest version of Microsoft’s browser, which can stream Google Stadia games and even access Discord.

Streaming Stadia games to either an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One should essentially be the same as it would be on a PC. The console’s version of the Edge browser is nearly identical to what’s found on computers, and thanks to today’s update, it also includes mouse and keyboard support. According to The Verge, Stadia games that are streamed to an Xbox console can be played either with a controller or an attached mouse and keyboard.

While Stadia works properly on the new version of Microsoft Edge, the same doesn’t go for Discord. Xbox users can access Discord through Microsoft Edge on their consoles, and even type into the app’s text channels, but microphone support sadly isn’t included. If microphone support is somehow added to Discord on the console version of Microsoft Edge, the service could potentially be functional on nearly every major gaming platform. Sony recently invested in Discord and announced that the service would be integrated into PlayStation Network in 2022.

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