Star Wars Underground Test Footage Emerges–Check Out George Lucas' Abandoned TV Show

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Before The Mandalorian, there was another Star Wars TV series planned. Footage of Star Wars Underground, a show that was in development all the way back in 2010, has surfaced online. The footage shows a very different show from the one many people enjoyed in 2019.

The show was to be set in the lower levels of Coruscant, a planet that plays a major part in the Star Wars prequels. It was set after Order 66, and the test footage below was produced by VFX specialists Stargate Studios. The show was eventually delayed and then cancelled due to the high production costs and the eventual sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. According to a comment from the uploader, a two-episode arc would have involved Darth Vader coming to Coruscant to “personally quell a rebellion”.

It certainly looks a little ropey in places, and it’s a bit hard to follow, but it’s worth remembering that “test footage” is different from a pilot–this footage was meant to nail down the look and tone of the show, so we can excuse the bad gun fight at the end.

The test footage here is followed by a short “making of” film, which shows how everything was shot on a single green screen stage–similar to how many parts of the prequels were shot.

The footage, as it turns out, is from Stargate Studios’ Vimeo, and was first uploaded nine years ago–we can only assume that it was set to private or unlisted until now.

Mileage may vary on how good or bad this looks to you, but in any case, the show never came to pass. Posted alongside the video is a lengthy document charting the history of Star Wars Underworld, collecting every tangentially related quote and interview, along with photos. It’s worth a look if you’re a Star Wars fanatic.

The Mandalorian will return for a second season in Fall 2020, exclusively on Disney Plus.

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