Steam Deck Verification Program Lets You Know How Games Will Run On Steam Deck

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Valve released a Steam Deck Verification Program that will help players know if a game runs seamlessly on the company’s bite-sized handheld PC or not. There are four categories of ratings in the verification program: Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown.

Verified means you can immediately play the game on Steam Deck, Playable means that there might be some tweaking needed on the user’s side, Unsupported means the game is non-functional on Deck, and Unknown means Valve hasn’t checked the game for Deck compatibility yet. The examples Valve gave for the Playable category are needing players to “manually select a community controller config” or “use the touchscreen to navigate a launcher,” and the like.

These ratings will be communicated through corresponding badges that will show up on the bottom left corner of a game’s thumbnail on Steam, as shown below. If you’re specifically looking for games that have the Verified badge, there will be a “Great On Deck” tab in the Deck’s Steam store.

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