Super Meat Boy Forever Is A Switch Console Exclusive At Launch

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During the latest Nintendo Indie World livestream, it was announced that Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Switch as a console launch exclusive. The game will be released for Switch next week.

At The Game Awards 2020, it was announced that Super Meat Boy Forever would release on December 23 for PC. The game is coming out on Switch the same day, and it’s the only console that will support the challenging platformer at launch. Team Meat previously said Forever is also coming to Xbox One and PS4.

The sequel to the original Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever sees the child of the titular Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, Nugget, get kidnapped by the two’s archnemesis, Dr. Fetus. Both Meat Boy and Bandage Girl team up to save their kid, jumping and punching their way through numerous levels packed to the brim with saws, spikes, and other terrifyingly dangerous obstacles.

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