Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Adding 9 New Final Fantasy Music Tracks With Sephiroth

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The next character being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Cloud’s archenemy, Sephiroth, who unlocks on December 22 (or earlier, if you can beat him in a special challenge). Fans have been wary about how much extra Final Fantasy music and content would be introduced, since Cloud, infamously, only had two character-specific music track when the game launched. Sephiroth, it turns out, is getting more support.

During today’s presentation, it was revealed that nine new Final Fantasy songs are being introduced in this update, bringing the total to 11. These are focused on music from Final Fantasy VII and its spin-off movie, Advent Children, and include some new arrangements of classic songs.

Sephiroth's track list
Sephiroth’s track list

Here’s the full list of tracks:

  • Opening – Bombing Mission (new arrangement)
  • Those Who Fight (Advent Children version)
  • Those Who Fight Further (Advent Children version)
  • Aerith’s Theme (new arrangement)
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (new arrangement)
  • Jenova
  • Cosmo Canyon (new arrangement)
  • One-Winged Angel
  • Advent: One-Winged Angel

These tracks have been added to the Midgar stage, too. Sakurai said that getting the rights to use the music from Final Fantasy has been challenging because of the need to get the rights from copyright holders in numerous different regions. However, it seems that an agreement was reached for these extra tracks.

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