Superhot VR set to be Oculus Rift exclusive – "For now, we concentrate on Oculus."

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A virtual reality version of Superhot, planned for release later this year, has been confirmed by the game’s developer to be an Oculus Rift exclusive.

In a recent blog post, the Superhot Team wrote: “We’re now working super close with the guys at Oculus to release Superhot VR later this year. We’re really trying to capitalize on all of the new design possibilities that Virtual Reality is giving us.”

The team also confirmed via Reddit that Oculus is their priority at the moment, with PR manager Szymon Krukowski saying: “For now, we concentrate on Oculus.”

It’s not the first time Oculus and Superhot have teamed up — the virtual reality giant demoed a VR version of Superhot during E3 2015 and have regularly endorsed the game on social media. The Superhot Team have explored various other VR headsets in the past, but settled on Oculus in order to create an optimised single-platform experience.

Superhot VR is due out on Oculus later this year.

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